If you haven’t heard about the scandal yet, check out the articles on Thanh Niên and Dân Trí. You can also easily search for non-mainstream information in forums and blogosphere in Google.

You will be disappointed if you are expecting to hear some comments or rumors. While I do have an opinion, I am definitely much more interested in how this scandal is spreading. I’ve come with seven trends that might explain this sex tape scandal’s viral effect.

1/ Teenagers are Vietnam’s core internet users. As we all learn from media, a number of Vietnamese sex tapes have been popping up in the last few years. What makes this Vàng Anh tape stand out – and helps explode the scandal virally like never before – is the high relevancy: the tape’s ‘actress’ is alleged to be the main character, Thùy Linh, in “Nhật Ký Vàng Anh” show, which is wildly popular among the biggest, most loyal group of internet users in Vietnam: teenagers.

2/ The increased popularity of online news in Vietnam (albeit no less criticisms against them). News entries are created with live pictures and hot comments and updated every minute. These new capabilities are perfect to report on-going scandals! Plus, it’s 100 times easier to share a news link than a newspaper with friends.

3/ Video clips are easily recorded (production), uploaded (packaging) and broadcast (publishing) online. Anyone with an internet connection and some basic skills can accomplish the whole broadcasting process in no time.

4/ Internet broadband expansion also makes downloading and sharing videos like piece of cake.

5/ Blogs and forums are more popular – and powerful – than ever before. If online news ignite the fire, Yahoo 360 and community forums are among the very, very powerful distribution channels that spread the fire. You can try to solve the crisis with ten blogs or five forums, but it’s impossible to do so with thousands. It’s time to deal with social media!

6/ Internet users in Vietnam become more comfortable with search. Or everyone knows Google, and Google can find everything, anything.

7/ Once something gets on internet, it becomes immortal. If Google isn’t quick enough to cache it, someone among million users will copy it. Online news and video clips constantly get posted, multiplied and redistributed. In this scandal reporting, some online news services decided to pull off the articles after breaking news, fearing unintended consequences. However, everything has already been copied and pasted everywhere. Same thing for the clip and the ‘hot’ information.

Do I miss anything?

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